Simple Projectile Motion

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  1. The acceleration due to gravity remains the _____________
  2. With velocity a negative sign means that the object is moving ___________ a starting point.
  3. A man moves 64 meters 16 seconds. What is his velocity? ________ m/s
  4. The vertical velocity of a projectile equals zero at the ____
  5. If Vy = 100 m/s and Vx = 20 m/s the angle of projection is _____ than 45 degrees.
  6. The projectile is moving up with a vertical of 30 m/s. Two seconds later its vertical velocity will be about _____ m/s
  7. Which velocity is constant for a projectile?
  8. When you shoot a projectile at an angle of 90 degrees, it cause the projectile to reach the greatest ______________
  9. The acceleration due to _______ for a projectile never changes
  10. The direction of the force and acceleration due to gravity is always __________________
  11. When a projectile is shot at an angle of ____ degrees it will spend the most time in the air.


  1. The ____________________ due to gravity is about 9.8 or 10 m/s2
  2. When a baseball is thrown to a catcher, the force of gravity changes the ___________ velocity only.
  3. As a projectile is on its way up to the peak it ______ vertical velocity.
  4. When a projectiile is fired at this angle it travels the greatest horizontal distance. _______________ ___________ degrees (no spaces)
  5. When you shoot a projectile it move with a shape you learn about in math class called a ________________
  6. A projectile has one speed and __________ velocities.
  7. A man walks 10 meters forward and 2 meters backward. What is his displacement? (not his distance) ______ meters
  8. The horizontal velocity of a projectile is 20 m/s. How far horizontally will it travel in 1.5 seconds?
  9. After a projectile passes the peak gravity causes it to _____ vertical velocity.
  10. A soccer ball is kicked on level ground. If it took 8 seconds to reach it's peak, what was the total time the projectile spent in the air?

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