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45                6
7  8       
15                16
  17                          18 
21                22       


  1. Pendulum Animation. What pendulum length had the shortest period. (2 words)
  2. Intro to Gravity Animation. How long does the ball in spend in the air? (2 words)
  3. Projectile Motion Animation. The vertical velocity on the way up is __________ to its direction on the way back down.
  4. Centripetal Motion Animation. The force of the circular motion is directed towards the ___________ of the circle
  5. Dynamic Equilibrium Animation. At constant velocity the velocity of the object is _________ ________ m/s.(2 words)
  6. Motion and Distance animation. Describes Furby's first velocity.
  7. Orbits and Gravity Animation. What speed is needed to keep the planet in circular motion?__________ km/s (3 words)
  8. Angle & Components Animation. If the vertical component is 100 m/s what is the degree of the angle?
  9. Projectile motion Vy Vx animation. The ball going ________ has the greatest vertical component. (2 words)
  10. Motion Graphs Animation. The car is ______________.
  11. Pendulum Animation. When the length of the bob is 100 the potential energy is___________.
  12. Pendulum Animation. When the length of the bob is 50, the sum of the potential and kinetic energies is ____________.


  1. Projectile Fired Horizontally & Dropped Animation. In the first diagram what component is being shown?
  2. Relationship Animation. A=k/B^2 shows what relationship?(2 words)
  3. Components Part 2 Animation. At an angle of 40 degrees and a horizontal component of 50 Newtons, what is the vertical component? (2 words)
  4. Resultants & Equilibrants Animation. The equilibrant is __________ newtons.
  5. Collision 3 Law Animation. The forces are___________.
  6. Angle and Components Animation. When the angle is 30 degrees and the horizontal component is 86.6m/s What is the vertical component?___________m/s.
  7. Motion Graphs Animation. The slope of the bicyclist's graph is ___________. (2 words)
  8. Projectile Motion Vy Vx Animation. The ball going straight across and the kicked ball always have the same ___________ velocity.
  9. Projectile Motion Animation. The acceleration due to gravity is directed__________
  10. Pendulum Animation. What is the only factor that affects the period of the pendulum? (3 words)
  11. Projectile Fired Horizontally & Dropped Animation. The time the two balls take to hit the bottom of the screen was __________ (2 words)
  12. Relationship Animation. The third graph "A has an _________ relationship with B".
  13. Relationship Animation. The relationship of A to B in the first graph is ___________ .

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