Motion in a Plane Review

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2. Which angular direction produces the greatest projectile height?

7. If a satellite is geosynchronous, the period of the satellite's orbit is.... hours

9. A motorcycle travels around a flat circular track. If the speed of the motorcycle is increased, the force required to keep it in the same circular path will...

10. Any body revolving around a larger body is called a

11. If you kick a soccer ball, what is its path called____?

13. What is the mathematical relationship in F=mv**2

17. What is the symbol for the horizontal component of the initial velocity vector?

19. The horizontal distance traveled is called a

20. The acceleration experienced by an object in uniform circular motion is called _______

21. A rock is thrown horizontally off a cliff. What is the initial vertical component of the objects velocity?

22. Two objects are dropped at the same time, at the same point above the ground, at any given point the two objects will have the same ....

23. Any object that is launched by some force and continues to move by its own inertia is called a___



1. What degree measure would produce the longest horizontal distance?

3. When an object travels in a circle, what is tangent to the circle in the direction of motion?

4. In what direction do the force of gravity and the acceleration due to gravity act?

5. If the speed of a car were doubled, the centripetal acceleration would be

6. What is the mathematical relationship between F and m

7. All objects fall at approximately negative _____m/s**2

8. Is an object undergoing uniform circular motion influenced by any force?

12. If a football is thrown far down field and is caught by the wide receiver 10 seconds later, approximately, how many seconds did it take to reach the peak of its flight?

14. Name one mathematical relationship in F=mv**2/r

15. Is the centripetal force and centripetal acceleration greatest in a small circle or a large circle?

16. If the angle of elevation of he cannon is decreased from 35 degrees to 30 degrees, the vertical component will...

18. What is the symbol for the vertical component of the initial velocity vector?


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