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  1. What is the amount of energy gained by a proton accelerated through a potential difference of 50 V ? ______ eV
  2. If it takes 12 J of energy to move 2.0 C of charge through a lamp filament, the potential difference across the filament is ________ volts.
  3. Why does a neutral hard rubber rod become negatively charged when rubbed with wool ? Because _________ loses electrons.
  4. An electron is between two oppositely charges parallel metal plates. As the electron moves from the negative plate to the positive plate, the electron's potential energy
  5. If 6.0 J of work is done to move 2.0 C of charge between two points, what is the potential difference between these two points ? ________ volts
  6. A neutral object can become positively charged by _________ electrons.
  7. If the distance between two point sources of equal charge is halved, the electrical force between the sources will be
  8. As the distance between two point charges is tripled, the electostatic force between the charges will become one _____________as great.
  9. After two neutral solids, A and B, were rubbed together, solid A acquired a net negative charge. Solid B, therefore, experienced a net loss of ____________.


  1. How many electrons are contained in a charge of 8.0 x 10-19 C ?
  2. If the distance between two protons is _______,then the force they exert on each other, compared to the original force, will be 1/9 as great.
  3. If the charge on one of two positively charged spheres is doubled, the electrostatic force of repulsion between the spheres will be
  4. The Millikan oil drop experiment showed the existence of the ___________ charge.
  5. When a positively charged body touches a neutral body, the neutral body will ___________ electrons.
  6. A metal sphere with a charge of +11 elementary charges touches an identical sphere with a charge of +15 elementary charges. After the spheres touch, the charge on the first sphere is positive ______________.
  7. The electronvolt is a unit of _________.
  8. After a neutral object loses 2 electrons, it will have a net charge of __________ elementary charges

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