Energy Review

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1. As an object falls freely in a ______ its total energy remains the same.

4. Elastic PE is the energy stored in a spring when it is____.

5. The energy an object has because of its motion is called ____ energy.

6. If the speed of an object is doubled , its KE will be_____.

9. 1 Joule is equal to ____ meter

11. Energy is measured in the same units as____.

12. Work is done when force____an object.

14. The heat gained by the cooler material is equal to the heat lost by the warmer material. (Law of conservation of _____ energy.

16. The unit of work is ________.

17. N/m is the unit for the____ ____.

20. Energy is found in many different____. (ex. heat, chemical)

22. Energy can be changed from one form ot another, but can not be _____.

24. The energy an object has owing to its position or condition is called ____ energy.

25. Energy can be changed from one form to another but can not be ______. (note. same hint as another word but there are 2 answers)


2. _____ energy is equal to the sum of the kinetic and potential energies of an object.

3. As the power of a machine increases, the time required to move an object a fixed distance____.

7. The PE of an object and its height above the ground have a(n) _____ relationship.

8. The energy in a closed system remains_____.

10. _____ Energy can be used to run an assortment of appliances.

13. When an object is lowered or raised , the force exerted by or against Earth's gravitational field is equal to the object's ____.

15. ____is the ability to do work.

18. A ball is thrown upward from the Earth's surface. While the ball is rising, its gravitational PE will_____.

19. Energy is a ____ quantity.

21. The unit of___is watts.

23. Elastic PE is also the energy stored in a spring when it is_____.


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