Bohr Model of The Atom

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  1. When an electron absorbs energy and goes up an energy level, it is said to be in the ____ state
  2. An electron emits energy with a frequency of 2 x 10^15 Hz. This light is not in the visible spectrum. It is actiually _____ light.
  3. This is true, about how electrons absorb and emit energy. "Up Absorb, Down _____"
  4. Since this element is so simple, it gives off only 4 spectral lines when excited.
  5. When an electron in the n = 3 level aborbs 1.51 eV or more it will be ______
  6. An electron in a hydrogen atom drops from the n = ___ energy level to the n = 2 energy level. The energy of the emitted photon is 1.89 eV
  7. An electron in hydrogen can have only ____ different energies.
  8. When all the electrons in an atom have their minimum energy, the atom is said to be in the ______ state
  9. No element gives off the FULL ____ of colors
  10. It has been discovered that every element on the periodic table gives off a _____ set of spectral (color) lines.
  11. An electron in this element can only have nine different energies? (See Reference)


  1. Minimum energy needed to remove an electron from an atom. ____ energy
  2. Chemists and astronomers use atomic spectral lines to ____ unknown substances and the composition of stars.
  3. Name for a particle of light
  4. An electron in the b level of mercury has an energy of -5.7____ (see reference)
  5. When electrons go up an energy level, energy is____.
  6. Electrons in atoms are restricted in the _______they can possess, give off and absorb.
  7. A photon's energy varies directly with its___.
  8. When electrons go down an energy level, energy is____.
  9. When light is emitted from elctrons, the colors can be separated by a diffraction grating or a _____

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