Modern Physics Quiz

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  1. An extremely dense object found in space is a neutron ___
  2. The charge on the particle Rutherford used to probe the atom
  3. If an alpha particle had a head-on collision with a nucleus, it would deflect at an angle or one hundred and ___ degrees.
  4. This radiation can easily dislodge an electron in DNA and cause cancer.
  5. If a light or electromagnetic source was below the ____ frequency, in the photoelectric effect, electrons were never were ejected from the photoemission metal.
  6. An alpha particle is so small because is only made up of 2 neutrons and 2 ______
  7. Before Rutherford, scientist believed that the atom was ____ packed.
  8. All the positive charge in the atom is found here
  9. When a photon collides with an electron ____ is always conserved.
  10. Most of the ___ of the atom is found in the nucleus.
  11. Most of the volume of the atom is ____ ____ (no spaces)
  12. The energy of a photon is directly related to its ____
  13. Name for a particle of light


  1. An alpha particle that passed close to the nucleus was ______ at a very large angle.
  2. Rutherford shot ___ particles at a thin gold foil
  3. This was the last subatomic particle to be discovered.
  4. The 1st experiment to prove that light had a particle behavior. ________ effect
  5. While the atom is made up of mostly empty space, you cannot walk through a wall because the empty space is filled with an ___ ___ (2 words, no space)
  6. The force that deflects the alpha particle is sometimes called a ___ force
  7. After an x-ray photon hits an electron and knocks it out of an atom, its _________ increases.
  8. _____ explained the photoelectric effect.
  9. This particle is small enough to act like a wave and a particle.
  10. To protect our skin from __ rays from the sun we put on suntan lotion.

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