Gummi Bear Wave Maker

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  1. If you double the frequency of a wave, the wavelength will get ________
  2. If 12 waves pass a point in 4 seconds, the frequency of vibration is
  3. A single vibratory disturbance that moves from point to point in a medium is called a
  4. A series of pulses generated at regular time intervals in an elastic medium will produce
  5. If a wave travels with a speed of 5 m/s, how far will it travel in 2 seconds?
  6. The most common wave on our planet is ____________
  7. The number of water waves passing a given point each second is the wave's


  1. The length of ONE wave
  2. This is what determines the speed of a wave
  3. If 12 waves have a length of 48 m, what is the wavength of the wave? _____ meters
  4. This wave characteristic is measured from the middle of a wave to it's peak.
  5. If we made the gummi bear wave maker with twice the number of gummi bears, the wave speed would be ____________

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