Refraction and Reflection

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  1. Fast media have a ____ indices of refraction.
  2. A ray of light traveling through water strikes a water-air surface with an angle of incidence equal to the critical angle. What will be the angle of refraction?
  3. If the angle of incidence is 20 degrees, the angle of reflection is _________
  4. Refraction of a wave is caused by a change in the wave's
  5. When light enters a _____ medium of refractive index, its velocity decreases.
  6. What kind of reflection does not produce an image?
  7. When light enters a medium of higher refractive index, its ____ remains the same.
  8. When light reaches the boundry betwenn 2 media at this angle, it does not bend.
  9. Refraction is always acompanied by _____.
  10. Instrument used to measure angles.
  11. This medium has a very high index of refraction.


  1. This characteristic of a wave changes when light refracts. (2 words)
  2. For all angles of incidence greater than the critical angle, no refraction occurs and the light does not enter the second medium. (3 words)
  3. When a wave enters a medium of higher refractive index, its velocity
  4. The velocity of a medium and its index of refraction have this kind of mathematical relationship.
  5. Slower media have ____ indices of refraction.
  6. A ray of light hits a mirror at an angle of incidence of 30 degrees. What is the angle between the incident and reflected rays ?
  7. What kind of reflection does produce an image?
  8. All substances have absolute indices of refraction greater than or equal to _____.
  9. The change in the direction of a wave when it passes obliquely from one medium to another is called
  10. The angle of incidence that produces an angle of refraction of 90 degrees is called the ______ angle.
  11. All angles of refraction are measured with respect to the ____.

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