Wave Characteristics

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  1. A series of pulses generated at regular time intervals in an elastic medium will produce a ______________
  2. If the period of a wave is 2.0 s, its frequency is_________ Hz
  3. A pulse traveling in a spring _____________ energy.
  4. As the amplitude of a wave increases, the energy transported by the wave ______.
  5. Which point on a wave is 180 degrees out of phase with a wave crest?
  6. Two waves have the same frequency. Which wave characteristic must also be identical for both waves?
  7. What is the frequency of a wave with a period of 0.005 s? ____ Hz
  8. A single vibratory disturbance which moves from point to point in a material medium is known as a__________
  9. The speed of a wave depends on the properties of the ________ and the nature of the wave.
  10. The period of a wave is the time it takes to complete one ______.
  11. Wave motion on a medium transfer _________ energy.
  12. This wave phenomena is created when 2 waves, with the same frequency and amplitude move in opposite directions in the same medium.
  13. Crest to crest makes ___________


  1. Crest to trough overlap makes ___________.
  2. Longitudinal waves are involved in the transmission of ___________.
  3. As the frequency of a wave increases, the period of that wave _______.
  4. The maximum displacement of a particle from its rest position due to wave motion is called ______.
  5. The ____________is the number of complete waves passing a given point in a second.
  6. If the frequency of a sound wave remains constant, its ______ can be varied by changing its amplitude.
  7. Frequency is measured in ________________
  8. A __________ pulse is a single vibratory disturbance.
  9. An opera singer can break a glass with her voices because the frequency of the note and natural vibration frequency of the glass are _____________.

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