Electromagnetic Waves

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  1. This kind of electromagnetic radiation has the greatest ability to penetrate matter.
  2. When a charge oscillates very slowly it produces this electromagnetic radiation.
  3. This color has a frequency of 6.2 x 10^14 Hz
  4. This is the only electromagnetic radiation that can be seen by the human eye.
  5. Before we fully recognized how dangerous excessive exposure to xrays were, a device called a pedoscope could be found in some upscale ____ stores.
  6. This color has a greater wavelength than yellow
  7. Some electromagnetic radiation can enter our body and damage the _____ in our cells
  8. Another word for oscillation
  9. All electromagnetic radiation travel 3 x 10^8 m/s in a _______
  10. This color has the highest frequency
  11. The remote control for your TV set emits this kind of wave


  1. All electromagnetic radiation can have many orientations and therefore can be classified as ______________
  2. When this particle vibrates it never produces electromagnetic radiation
  3. pressure from __________ companies led to the demise of the shoe-fitting Pedoscope in the�U.S
  4. This electromagnetic radiation can have a wavelength 1 cm long.
  5. This device emits radio waves (2 words, no space)
  6. Oscillating charges shake of energy like ____ shake off water after a bath
  7. The most dangerous electromagnetic radiations are found on the ____ side of the electromagnetic radiation chart
  8. We put on sun screen at the beach to protect ourselves from the very penetrating electromagnetic radiation from the sun called _____ rays (one word)
  9. This electromagnetic wave has a very high frequency
  10. Some electromagnetic radiation are as small as the tip of a

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