Quarterly Self-Evaluation for Physics  


Fill out the following survey and give it to me when you are finished. If your parents/guardians plan to come to the Parent-Teacher Conference, print them a copy too. They should have this in hand when they come to see me.

The purpose of this survey is to help you reflect on how you are presently approaching your studies. It is my hope, that in filling out this survey, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses and you will get some ideas on how to make some constructive changes.


  Students Name   # Physics Section

 Your physics quarterly grade

Has this grade met your expectations? Yes        No            

Has this grade met your parents expectations? Yes        No

        Are your parent(s) or guardians going to the Parent-Teacher Conference? (Ask them) Yes  No

 What percentage of the time do you do your physics homework at the following locations:

                  At School         On the Bus       At home              

 2.  At home, when do you usually do your physics homework?

          Before dinner      7 - 9:30 p.m.       After 9:30 pm      Morning before school

 3.        Use the 1 –  4 scale below to describe your environment when you study or do homework.

Stereo or TV is always on                                                                                Always Quiet  

          1                          2                            3                               4

4. Approximately how many hours per week do you devote to preparing for physics at home and in school? (Exclude class instruction time)

                      At home                              At school    








5.        How do you prepare for tests and quizzes in physics?

*** (Check ALL choices that apply) ***

        I study questions from the teacher's tip sheet

     I look at old homework questions

    I create a study sheet on a piece of loose-leaf

     I study with others

     I create flash cards with important information on index cards

   I do the online quizzes

I watch Show Me The Physics tutorial videos.


 6. Approximately how many times have you been to extra help this quarter for physics? 


 7.   Is there anything that keeps you from attending extra help?         If yes, explain.      

8. When are you free to attend extra help? Check ALL boxes that apply

                  During School        After School on Tuesdays   After School on Thursdays       

9.       Describe your math skills.

      Excellent                     Good                        Average            Below Average

10.  Are your math skills making physics class difficult?  

             YES                     NO                        SOMEWHAT            DEFINITELY

11.   On a scale from 1 – 5, how often do you review your notes each week?

         1                      2                             3                               4                                5       Never                                                                                                                   Always

12.   Do you use a planner to record your homeworks for the week?

     1                        2                     3                    4                    5                    Never                                                                                                      Always      




Directions: Evaluate the following statements using the following scale:

1 – Need for major improvement  3 – Need for slight improvement
2 – Need for significant improvement 4 – Excellent - No room for improvement

    a) I answer questions in class.      

    b) I ask questions in class when I don’t understand something.   

    c) I am prepared. (Protractor, ruler, calculator etc.)     

    d) In class, I listen intently  

    e) I spend a sufficient amount of time outside of class studying and doing homework  

     f) I put in enough effort when studying and doing homework      

    g) When I am assigned a long-term project, like a lab, I begin it soon after it is given.     




Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

When you are faced with difficult challenges in school, describe your attitude.

      1                               2                        3                            4                       5

I get discouraged and give up                                        I increase the time and effort I put into my studies

Are there any changes you could make that would have a significant impact in how well you do in Physics next quarter?

Now Print out this sheet:  

  • Once, if your parents are not going to parent-teacher conference.

  • Twice, if your parents are going to parent-teacher conference. (give questionnaire to  parents)