E.     Wave Nature of Light


2 Competing Theories:    1. __________________  2. ____________


Behavior of Light Supporting _____________________


1. _____________ – light ___________ into the region behind an obstacle




2.    ____________________________ – Young’s Double Slit Late 1800's



Review of Interference



Lines of Constructive and Destructive Interference









If you draw a line from each slit to the 1st order bright line, you will notice


that one line is longer than another.  The ___________ between these two


lines is _______________________


Constructive Interference causes _________ Lines.


Destructive Interference causes ___________Lines.







More wave behaviors of light

Polarization - ____________________ of a beam of light producing light that vibrates in only one plane

-         proves light is a ___________________ wave - it has an __________


Doppler Effect for light


There is a change in the observed _____________________________(color) of light


as a very fast source of the light __________________________from an observer.


¨      Observed in ______________moving stars


Memory Trick - "_______________TO "  "_________ AWAY"


                Star's colors become _____________


                        Star's colors become _____________________



Summary - Why do we think light is a wave?


Diffraction - _____________________________


Interference - ___________________________


Polarization - _________________________________________


Doppler Effect - ______________________________



Electromagnetic Radiation - Wavelength and Frequency







See Reference Table


Which one has the smallest wavelength? (hint: most penetrating)



Which one has the smallest frequency? (hint: how are wavelength and frequency related?)



Which color has the greatest wavelength?  _________smallest? ____