Using Microsoft Excel to Make Scatter Plots
by Mark
Paczkowski - 2004

1. After opening Microsoft Excel, you will see columns and rows.
2. Enter your x-axis data in the first column.
3. Enter y-axis data in the next column.
4. Select (highlight) both your x and y data.

5. Go up to Insert, then "Chart…" to open chart wizard.

6. Select for "Chart Type", "XY (Scatter)".

7. Next, on Chart sub-type, select the top chart that has no lines, and click Next.

8. Click Next again.

9. Enter the chart title along with your X and Y axes labels. (put units in parenthesis)

9a. Select Gridlines tab
9b. Select Major Gridlines on both axis

10. Click Next.

11. Click on "As new sheet" and click Finish.

12. Right click on any data point - this should highlight all the data points and select "Add Trendline…"
13. Select "Linear" for a line or "Polynomial" for a curve.
14. Click Options tab and check t he last three check boxes.  Select OK