Free Graph Paper (I made this with the software below)

Graph Paper Printer Program  - Version  4.21 by Philippe Marquis

Eclipse Crossword Puzzle creator

Google Earth - Cool Program

Line Rider  (Weird, fun animations)

World's Smallest Guitar 1/20th the width of a single human hair
Beauty of Math
Download Software  Free Crossword Puzzle Software (Good for Extra Credit)
White & Nerdy
What you about Math????
Make a Snowflake Online (Sounds weird, but this is actually fun)

Physics Cartoon on Snowballs


Check this out Lemon Battery

Magnaville P.I. , by Aarti G.

Cool YouTube Videos

"We didn't start the Fire"


Physics of the Acoustic Guitar

NOVA (PBS) explains how refraction makes diamonds sparkle

Make online tutorials -



50 Things to annoy your Physics Professor by Butala, A

This site has corny jokes to annoy your physics teacher.  



Physics is Fun by Oneil, A

This site Has a bunch of cartoons, songs, and jokes in it. I definitely think this brings more fun into Physics since physics is so boring and confusing (No Offense).



MSN  Bad Physics by Kraljic, A

This site was created by a teacher who started to become sick and tired of the same awkward silence that people gave him at social functions when he would tell them that he was a physics teacher. This site is mainly for people who don't understand physics. It contains some commonly misunderstood "BAD PHYSICS" and simple explanations of how it really should be. It also contains some "bad physics" jokes, expressions, and questions to make the subject matter more entertaining and interesting. It also includes some physics links (some of which are already posted on this message board). Overall this website makes physics more interesting for students like us!     



 Snow Crystals by Rios, J

    This site enters into the historical and present science of photographing snowflakes. It contains photos of natural snowflakes which I have never seen before. It also introduces interesting facts about snow crystal physics. There is also a part of the web site that shows designer snowflakes, the study of how snow crystals are formed