Wonders of Physics by Whyte, M

This site discusses physics' experiments. This website provides a guide to perform the experiments at home.  


  Explorer Learning by Won, J
    This is deals with displacement and how quickly you can reach an area. It starts off with a little story "While traveling recently in Michigan, I asked a friend how far it was from Ann Arbor to East Lansing, and I was informed that it was about 45 miles as the crow flies. The flying crow expression is rather old, but what exactly does it mean? Will the drive be 45 miles, or will I have to fly like a crow to get there? I looked into this concept a bit and discovered that crows can fly in a straight line from one place to another. They don't have to worry about roads, houses, swamps, and other things that may be along the path."
     Once you figure this out there are pictures to show you how displacement works, and how the fastest way to travel form one point to another is a straight line.


  Materials of Physics by Falesto, A
    This website is call materials of physics.  It is very easy to find what you want.  It gives you models of things like hot air balloons and paper air planes.  It tells you about how they work and how to make them.

  Hands-On Technology Program
  "Here you will find science experiments and other hands-on activities to help your K-8 students get excited about learning. All of the activities are designed so that the children can do them using every day, inexpensive materials. Many of the pages that follow are designed to be photocopied and used directly by your class. Others are teacher's notes and materials lists" - Author
Smile Project
"The aim of this site is to make available interactive Science and Mathematics lessons using the resources of the World Wide Web.  We have prepared a number of such lessons  in the SMART program."