Interactive Sites


Physics 2000 Kumar M

This site focuses on a wide range topics in modern physics, while linking them to predictions and discoveries of the past.  Its many sections includes areas devoted to Einstein, theoretical or conceptual physics, and an area devoted to quantum and atomic physics. Even though this site relies heavily on visual and explanatory java applets,  each topic is also explained with a conversation by two cartoon characters.



Interactive Physics by Chui, L

"This website provides a previously inconceivable wealth of information. It also has the potential for experiences which  was previously difficult or impossible to experience on a physics website. A last characteristic which is particularly important in an educational context, is that it opens the door for an entirely new exploration-based form of education. With such potential in mind, this site has provided an aid to teachers and students wishing to try out virtual, "hands-on experiences in physics."

                                                                       - Quote from the Authors

This site has many links to various other sites to help you with each topic that is studied in physics. 


Physics Applets by Leone, J

Physics Applets is a website that contains information on various physics topics.  The 5 major topics focused on are: kinematics, optics, electricity, waves, and thermodynamics. Each topic has its own applet which goes into great detail and fully describes each of these topics. A good example of this is could be the section concerning kinematics. It talks about vectors, velocity, acceleration and all other aspects of  kinematics.



 The Satellite Site For Physics by Lowy, K

This website is about Satellites. It describes them and their nature, talks about their orbit, speed and distance from the Earth. This site contains great graphics and even explains how to build your own satellite! 



The Virtual Physics Laboratory by Zorich, J

TThe Virtual Physics Laboratory was created by Prof. Fu-Kwun Hwang. This site has 70+ java applets for a wide variety of subjects such as frictional force, motion, projectile/satellite orbits, projectile motion and much more.