Multimedia Links


The Physics Classroom - Multimedia Physics Studio by Sepe, L

This website has pictures that illustrates some of the topics we've talked about so far in physics. I think it helps us get a better understanding of physics and how it relates to things we see everyday.  



Science Joy Wagon by Pichardo, K

This website shows the concept of impulse in relation to acceleration and the change momentum. All these concepts illustrated it in cool animations!!!! It has specific facts about particular themes in physics. I love this website!!!! Oh no!!

Explore Science - MultiMedia Activities Perna A

This web site views interference patterns created by standing waves and shows why some seats in a concert hall are better than others. This site has some great pictures. Before viewing this site your going to have to download Shockwave Player. There are some great diagrams to help you better understand what you are trying to explore. One could learn about pendulums and lots more. Have a great time and enjoy.   



Nova Online by Alexander, J

This site talks about black holes. Black holes are regions of space with such strong gravitational force that nothing, such as light, can escape its force. They are believed to be the after-effect of a star collapsing on itself. The site also deals with other theories, the history, and the study of black holes.

The Barringer Meteorite Crater- How Do We Know? by Gallo, C

This website shows the physics of a meteorite which has hit the earth. It explains what a meteorite is and how it came to hit the earth. It shows valid information on the topic by using picture diagrams. These diagrams help us understand the formality of a meteor. Another great feature of this website is their hypothesis', which explains how this action occurred. It also has proof of the hypothesis, but instead of testing it, Barringer uses given evidence. I enjoyed this site because of its interesting information and how it was broken down to a high school students level of comprehension.