Ask Dr. Math: H.S.- Physics by Garcia, S

This site is called Math Forum-Ask Dr. Math Archives: High School Physics. Dr. Math is a library made up with different topics of physics . It has many different links with very useful information about the different topics of physics, such as, vectors, mass, weight, acceleration, and equations that are used in everyday physics. The site provides useful and detailed descriptions about the topic that you want to learn or need help on in physics.     



101 Physics Facts by Gherlone, J

This site is called 101 Physics facts.  Its shows everything that you should know for the Regents.  All the information was put together by some guy named Jim Davidson who is a high school physics teacher.  The site basically reviews all the topics such as Mechanics, Energy, Electricity, Magnetism, Wave Phenomena, Geometric Optics, Modern Physics, Internal Physics, Nuclear Physics, and some general info. It covers some topics that we have learned and some that we haven't. 




This page is entitled "The Physics Of everything and anything." It was designed by a man named Tom Robinson and his physics class in Kentridge. The site explains how physics deals with everyday things. One can find out how physics is evolved in their favorite sport or even what role physics plays in a band like The doors. It's a pretty good site, especially since it's in simple language and relates to young people.  



Physics Central by Sorice, B

This site contains in depth explanations of how things work, essays and excerpts by professional physicists, movie, pictures of physics in action and links to other informative physics websites. 



Math and Physics Help by Kumar, K

This is the sight if you're having trouble in physics or just want clear answers in ENGLISH. The site's producer is really bright and works to help kids actually understand physics. He has many writings about how to think like a physicist,  he describes how people understand math and they get the physics but they can't connect the two. He writes how you should feel before and after you read each of his writings, which is really helpful.  Some of his writings include the whole concept of units and an intro to relativity, all of which are quite interesting. There are great links as well as an awesome question-answer section. You can ask your own question or read answers to old questions. CHECK IT OUT!



Physics and Astronomy Online by Guzman, C

This site is called Physics and Astronomy online. On this site you can learn more about physics by being able to ask questions, read physics jokes, read cartoons, get information and references. You can also read any new news that concerns physics in our daily lives.  



Physics Extra Help by Dontis, M

This website has bold illustrations which helps you view physics in a different way. It is divided into different categories that provide a broad selection of topics. It gives Information and resources for high school physics student. 



MSN-Learning & Research: Physics by Kolombos, M

This talks about physics how it started and how it is used today.  It says how important it is and why we need physics.



Physics Reference by Perez, M

It took me a while but i finally found something....this website is a reference for all physics students....it gives definitions for vocabulary and units of measurements used in physics. its pretty gulley..



Physics for Beginners by Devins, A

This site has most of the topics that we've done from the beginning of the year up until now.  It gives you definitions and explanations of physics terms along with their equations.



Physics On-line by Montano, J

This website has bold illustrations which helps you view physics in a different way. It is divided into different categories that provide a broad selection of topics. It gives Information and resources for high school physics student.



The Physics Help Home page by Diaz, M

 This website has explanations for things in physics that are hard to understand or if you just need more information on a subject, this website can help.  It gives easy to understand explanations of physic's subjects.  It also offers a list of books for people to look at if they are having trouble with physics ,which I find to be very convenient.  If the website information doesn't help at all, other options are available for you.  It offers easy explanations of subjects in high school level physics.  Such subjects are Newton's three laws.  They explain each in different ways and give everything in relation it would have with the subject of Newton's three laws.  The site offers formulas, examples, etc. to help make physics much easier.



Physics information website by Escobedo, K

On this website each major topic of physics is fully covered including review tests.  They display pictures to help make it easier to understand.  I really enjoyed this website because it was very informative yet simple.  



Explanation of Physics by Clarke, W

This website gives you an interactive journey through physics. In this website we learn about what physics is and information on Albert Einstein. There is also a section on this website that helps you learn the basic principles of waves, quantum mechanics, polarization, and the periodic table. 



Practical High School Physics Lessons by Kang, L

  "Practical High School Physics Lessons" is a website containing simple facts of useful applications from knowledge of physics.  The website presents examples related to physics and breaks down the way physics is used for better understandings of students and to help teachers explain their lessons.  This website also clarifies the complicated reasoning of physics given by teachers.  



"How to study physics" by Tautonico, R

This is a really good website to study physics--you could do a lot of things on this site to help you understand physics better like, overview, how to participate better in class, reading your textbook more effectively, solving problems and applying them. Hope you enjoy it!!  



Physics 1 - About the course by Mischke, M

This web site tells you different topics in physics that could be helpful in physics class in the future. It is also a good source for after school learning. 



Reviews of Modern Day Physics by Errante, M

This site gives us the opportunity to ask how physics affects our everyday lives.  It  gives us  background information on physics, as well as facts, and other references to go to.  It allows us to use the entire collection of the articles they have posted and find out any needs of physics.  



Physics Reference by Ventura, Y

This site gives you  information about anything you need to know about physics.  If you need to search on a certain topic about physics for example on gravity, momentum, vectors, scalars, etc, this site would be very helpful.



About Physics by Lau, M

This site is very helpful. It has many different sections that can give you a better understanding of Physics. In the experiment section it tells you about many different demonstrations that are easy and fun to do. The Student Guide section has many resources that can help explain the many topics in physics.

Time Line Of Physics by Noeth, C

 This is a time line of physics and it can help you find what you need. 



Physics Revisions by Brown, D

This site pretty much sums up the different topics in physics.  It talks about energy which is a topic that we have just recently started; electricity, waves, radioactivity, etc...   It has many useful physics subtopics to choose from.    



WHY FILES?? by Donovan, A

Using this site your able to to find out about the moon, and you also can ask the last person who walked on the moon questions about how it was. This site was very interesting.  



Physics 2000 by Kumar, M

This site focuses on a wide range topics in modern physics, while linking them to predictions and discoveries of the past.  Its many sections includes areas devoted to Einstein, theoretical or conceptual physics, and an area devoted to quantum and atomic physics. Even though this site relies heavily on visual and explanatory java applets,  each topic is also explained with a conversation by two cartoon characters.  



Eric Weisstein's World of Physics by Mondello, A

This site allows you to search for anything related to physics.  It is especially helpful in finding formulas for equations and for finding definitions for any physics word you need to define. For example if you typed in momentum the search engine comes up with many different topics related to momentum. It does have many confusing equations but you can ignore those and look at the ones we are familiar with.  This is very helpful if you don't have any notes with you and you need information on your topic.  



Basics Of Physics by Anatalio, M

This website teaches physics for beginners and teaches them all the basics of physics and all they need to know about the science.  



The Institute of Physics by Philis, P

 This site is the leading international professional body and learned society which promotes the advancement and dissemination  knowledge of education in the science of physics, pure and applied.  This site provides physic information with journals, book, magazines, online services, and industry/business.



20th Century Women to Physics by Robinson, J

 This is a very interesting site which discusses basically everything you need to know about airplanes. For example it talks about the forces acting on the airplane, factors which affect the lift of an airplane, and many more interesting things. This site was developed very nicely.  



Physics World by Dasilva, D

 This physics website is full of fun facts about physics from the past to the present.  It has news and resources.  This is a good website to look up information.



Newton's Three Laws of Motion by Francois, E

 This site is designed by a junior high school physics student.  This site explains and gives diagrams of Newton's Three Laws of Motion.


Physics Factory by Devito, D

 The "Physics Factory" main gate is a site where students can come for help with physics. It has a website search and a physics glossary complete with all the terms physics students may need.  



Physics Life- Explore the Physics Around You by Gembressi, K

     This Website is good ( and was IMPOSSIBLE to find since everyone took everything ) because you can learn about everyday physics using interactive pictures. You can click on the different pictures ( such as school, office, home) and the website tells you the physics of simple everyday things, such as the television or your photo copy machine. It's fun ( for a physics website haha) because instead of just boring text, you get to look at the pictures and click on the interactive display to learn more about how everyday life and physics are connected.  


  Vectors by Roshan, M
    This site has lessons that can help you with vector principals and operations. It also talks about kinematics principals, Newton's laws and it describes the motion of an object in two dimensions.  



History of Physics by Guerrero, A

This site shows the history of Physics. There are a number of images and facts about physics that you might of never known. This site has a time line that shows you how physics has evolved over time. It shows how physics applied to many things in WWII. This site is interesting. You might find it interesting how physics first began and how it evolved over the decades.



Electrons in atomic structures by Bianco, C

This website shows us the structure of an electron from an atom of the foot and mouth disease.  All matter and every living thing is made up of many atoms and electrons.  Electrons are the reason that atoms can become groups.  Here you can also read about different electrons and view what they look like.  You can also read about how electron play a role in our everyday lives