The 3 Laws of Motion

Gapfill exercise

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1. A "push or pull" best describes the term .

2. As the mass the mass of an object decreases, its inertia will .

3. If an unbalanced force of 10. Newtons is applied to a 4.0-kilogram mass, the acceleration of the mass will be m/s**2.

4. A net force of 5.0 x 10**2 Newtons causes an object to accelerate at a rate of 5.0 meter per second**2. What is the mass of of the object? kg

5. An object accelerates at 2.5 meters per second**2 when an unbalanced force of 10. Newtons acts on it. What is the mass of the object? kg

6. An object with a mass of 2 kilograms is accelerated at 5 m/s**2. The net force acting on the mass is N.

7. If the net force acting on an object is doubled, the acceleration of the object is .

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