Wave Test 2 - Fill-in

Gapfill exercise

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1.List 4 reasons why we believe light has a wave behavior (DDIP)
Doppler effect / Diffraction / Interference /
2. How far can light travel in 20 seconds? x 10^ m/s
3. Name the 6 colors of the spectrum in order. Red, Orange, , Green, Blue, Violet
4. Which color has the largest frequency smallest frequency largest wavelength and smallest wavelength ?
5. Which color is the fastest in glass? Slowest?
6. If light comes from air and enters glass, which color is bent the most? The least?
7. What kind of reflection produces an image?
8. What color of light has a frequency of 6 x 10 ^14 Hz?  
9.  What kind of light did Thomas Young use in his famous double slit experiment? Monochromatic Light
10.  Because light can be polarized it proves that light is a wave.
11. How does the color of a fast moving star change when it turns and comes toward the earth? The wave shifts toward the end of the spectrum. How does the color of a fast moving star change when it turns away from the earth? The wave shifts toward the of the spectrum.
12. Do the dangerous electromagnetic waves tend to have a high or low frequency? Frequency Name two dangerous electromagnetic radiations. Ex) Rays, Rays
12 a) All electromagnetic radiations have the same in a vacuum.
12 b) Electromagnetic radiation is created by accelerating .

13. Where will a ray of light go when it passes from air to glass? ( see picture below)
13 a) Which wave characteristics change when light is refracted? (Answer YES or NO) direction? wavelength? frequency? speed?
14. In the picture below, a ray of light (A) in Lucite intersects a boundary with air. a) Which ray shows the path of reflection?
15. In the picture below, which incident ray is correct? A B C D ?

16. Name the wave behavior.
b) Effect

17. What do each of the following pictures show?
a) reflection



d) reflection

e) Reflection

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