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Newton's 2nd Law: When the Net Force > 0


The acceleration of a body depends directly on the net force acting on it and indirectly on the body's mass

(m) a  =    Fnet (N)
(s2) m (Kg)



Inertia - an object's resistance to a change in motion due to its mass



Mass and Inertia
directly related





Larger the Mass,

the Greater the Inertia








Inertia and Mass Directly Related


Twice the Mass,
Twice the Inertia


(an object's resistance to being accelerated
by a force due to its mass)







"Why is it initially so

difficult to pedal a bike

when you start from




 "And why is it so easy

to pedal the bike once

you obtain your desired





Inertia - When you first start pedaling you are
feeling the inertial of the bike and body.
(force required to change motion)

Once in motion you only need to apply a
force to offset friction





"Why are the most

massive (most inertia)

football players





"Why are the least

massive (least inertia)

football players











"Receivers want to

change motion, lineman

want to hold their







Dynamic Equilibrium


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Eggs and Inertia -




Ranking Task


Rank the carts below from greatest inertia to least. Explain your answer. 










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