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Rank the total current from smallest to largest 




Attaching Meters

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Fill in the Blank Notes

Circuit Challenge

(Jan. 2001)


Show Me The Physics
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a) I1 = ?

IT = I1 + I2



10.0 A =   I1 + 4.0 A


I1 = 6.0 A






b) VT = ?


VT = V1 = V2


V2 = IR


= 4.0 A (30. ohms)


V2 = 120 V




VT = 120 V





Attaching Meters

Learning-Connections Clipart


Ammeter - Measures Current





Voltmeter - Measures Voltage
(Potential Difference)

(= Energy Change/Coulomb)


are connected 'in parallel'



are connected 'in series' 




 Find Ammeter, Voltmeter




Which circuit is correct?



June 2006 









Attaching Meters - Flash

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Identify the switch in

the circuit and circuit

diagram shown below.


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