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Series or Parallel?

June 2003 Question 63






Answer - Parallel - same V



Electric Energy and Heat

(W) Electric energy consumed or released as heat

(All equations on reference table)

(J) W = Pt = [V2/R]t

= VIt = I2Rt

An electric iron operating at 120 volts draws 10. amperes of current. How much heat energy is delivered by the iron in 30. seconds?

a) 1.2 x 103 J c) 3.6 x 104 J
b) 3.0 x 102 J d) 3.6 x 103 J

V = 120 V

I = 10. A

t = 30. sec

W = ?

W = VIt

= 120. V(10. A)(30. sec)



W = 3.6 x 104 J






What's wrong with this picture?



Ammeter should be
 in series with resistor





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