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Review - Like poles or Opposite Poles?

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Like Poles




F) Magnetic Force on moving charges


A charge shot through
a magnetic field
experiences a magnetic force.





What is moving this beam of electrons?

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Television Tube
Physics 2000

Electron in Magnetic Field - Flash

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Scientific Advisors: Dr. Saul Dushman;
Dr. Roman Smoluchowski;
Dr. David Harker  Prelinger Archives
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Studios, Inc.
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Moving charges create their own magnetic field



Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field is maximum when ...


a) .... the charge is Fast or Slow?







b) Big Charge or Small Charge?






c) ... magnetic field strong or Weak?






1. Fmag = Bqv 


B - flux density of magnetic field (strength)


q - charge (C)


v - velocity (m/s)





Magnetic force is maximum
when charge moves
to field

(Charge shot up)



Magnetic force = 0
when charge moves ...


... parallel to field






2. Direction of magnetic F on a charge moving through a magnetic field


Electron in Magnetic Field II - Flash

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Use 3rd Left Hand Rule



1) Draw in flux lines


2) Thumb - direction of moving charge


3) 4 fingers - direction of magnetic Field


4) Palm - direction of force on charge




Answer: Into or Out of the page?




Out of Page







Into page





Figure 2:


Into or Out of page?







Into Page







Left Hand Rule Game

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Helmholtz Coil


Mapping the direction of the Electromagnet



Finding the mass of an electron - Helmholtz Coil






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Neodymium magnet/TV


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