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Water Bending

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Water is an electrically polar molecule. This means it has a positive and negative pole. The water's negative pole is repelled by the negatively charged comb and the positive pole is attracted to the comb. This reorientation of charge makes the side of the water stream that is near the comb positive. Since opposites attract, the water stream is pulled towards the comb.

A water molecule.


School blocks Youtube? Use file below.

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Fill in The Blanks Conservation of Charge Notes


D) Conservation of Charge - net charge of closed system remains constant


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If 2 charges OR MORE
are brought together, their
combined charge
is distributed evenly





Before contact
After contact



Charge is Evenly Distributed


Total charge before =

total charge after






Ex) Metal sphere A has a charge of +12 elementary charges and identical sphere B has a charge of +16 elementary charges.

After the two spheres are brought into contact, the charge on sphere A is

a)+28 elem. charges  c)+2 elem. charges
b)-2 elem. charges  d)+14 elem. charges

d)+14 elem. charges



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