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G. Equilibrium - resultant = 0 N





Ex 1)




At Equilibrium:  



Fnet = 0, a = 0




Velocity is Constant

(rest or constant v)



Ex 2) Could the forces of 8 N, 6 N and 4 N ever produce a state of equilibrium?


If so, find the resultant of the forces 4 N and 6 N. 





Yes, resultant of the forces 4 and 6 would have to be 8 N





Ex 3) Could the angles of these forces ever be arranged to produce equilibrium?










4 N and 5 N have a range of possible
resultants of 1 N and 9 N







Could these forces ever
be in equilibrium?










50 N & 15 N have a
range of 65 N - 35 N






Which diagram

represents a box

in  equilibrium?


June 2008 #9 






Ranking Task

Rank the resultants from
smallest to largest.






 of Forces



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