Myth or Fact ?


"The most beautiful thing
we can experience
is the mysterious...
It is the source
of all true art
and all science."

- Einstein








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Fill In The Blank Notes

Unit 1 - FORCES




Forces - any straight-line push or pull






A. Representing Forces



1. Units of force



a)  lb. (English)



b) Newton (metric) (weight of 1 apple)




2. Forces are VECTORS

Vector - Despicable Me


- described using:



- magnitude (size)




 - direction 



Review - Scalar (magnitude only)

ex) time, distance 



Solving problems with vectors require
 a special branch of mathematics





3. When solving problems and drawing pictures, forces are represented as arrows drawn to some selected scale



(know your directions)





Scale:  1 cm = 10 N 



F = 40 N East



*Length shows magnitude (size)   

**arrow shows direction







Combining Forces


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