Man tossing hot and cold water balloons
(thermal infrared!)

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B) Einstein explains photoelectric effect



1) Light intensity and electron emission explained.



Photons are received individually
Each photon emits e -  



Light emitted as particles
(quanta of light - photon)



Bright Light



 Dim Light

(Lots of photons)

 (few photons)





High Frequency Light

Low Frequency Light

(High Energy Photons)

(Low Energy Photons)





Brightness (Intensity) - measure of # of photons emitted.



Frequency measure of energy of light

Photon Energy = 5 eV

KE = 2 eV




**eV - electron volts - unit of energy






How much work did this photon have to do to remove the electron? 




Answer: 3 eV






What would happen if a photon
 of 2 eV hit the same metal?


Photon Energy = 5 eV KE = 2 eV





Photon would not have enough energy to emit an electron

Photon Energy = 5 eV KE = 2 eV





Emax = hf - Wo


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