Do you remember what causes
this beautiful phenomena?

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Problems with the Bohr Model

Why can't the electrons
circle around the nucleus?

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C) Limitations of Bohr Model


1) electron couldn’t circle around nucleus like a planet! …



Because they would lose energy (by emitting electromagnetic radiation) & spiral into nucleus.



2) Bohr was not able to explain electron orbits of large atom w/ many electrons




Uncertainty Principle


Wave Function And Wave-Particle Duality



Deutsches Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive), Bild183-R57262


Werner Heisenberg





When you are studying sub-atomic particles, you change them.



(A particles position and momentum are affected by your measuring devices.)


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You can be certain about the position or momentum of a subatomic particle but never both
at the same time.





The more you know
about the momentum of a subatomic particle,
the less you know about
its position and vice versa





Present Theory of the Atom
Cloud Model



Electrons do not have precisely described positions and momenta



The 'probable' position and momenta are described mathematically





Electrons occupy regions in space called 'clouds'.


Sven Benutzer:Benji




Spectral Lines - Electron Cloud Model

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Cassiopeia Project




Conservation of M & E





Quantum Mechanics: The Uncertainty Principle

Cassiopeia Project



Science of the Silicon Solar Cell"
- Don Ion




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