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Physics Ed. Technology

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AirServer App

Wirelessly project an Ipad screen to a laptop and an LCD screen for under 2 dollars

ImageJ - Image Editting

Delphi For Fun

PC Soundcard Oscilloscope

Signal Generator

Christian Zeitnitz

H.S. Physics YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube Videos

Workshop given 2010 at Lipta Spring Conference

Creating A YouTube Channel

2010 LIPTA Fall Conference

Tracker 3.1 - Video analysis made easy.

This resource comes courtesy of
physics teacher and tech wiz Dan Hosey

Here's how Dan explains the program...

" It has an autotrack feature, allows multiple tracks, can handle rotational motion (though I havenít tried yet), customizable fitting functions, and allows the export of data.  The fits we got when tracking a mass on a spring matched the theoretical numbers splendidly." 

Check out his great tutorial:"



Webcam Software

Need to show your students something that is very small?

Attach a webcam to your laptop and project the object on your LCD screen

Install this software

Debut Video Capture Webcam Software

Audacity - Free Sound Editing Software


Deep Linking YouTube Videos

Here is a technique you can use to make a youtube video jump to a particular point in a movie. -
Free Online Video Editing Software

Graphing Tutorial


Free Oscilloscope

Gather Student
Contact Info Online

Using Google Docs

Inserting a Table in Microsoft Word
 by Alexandra Menuau (2004)

CamStudio - Open Source Video Capture

Screencast-O-Matic is the original online screen recorder for one-click recording from your browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux with no install for FREE!

Poor Man's WebAssign - Ed Hitchcock

Ringtones the old folks can't hear
(Supersonic Ringtones)

Graph Paper Printer Program
- Version  4.21 by
Philippe Marquis

Free Eclipse Crossword Puzzle creator


Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software