"Why don't the

protons in a nucleus

fly apart?"

Don't likes repel?"



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"How can you possibly
learn about the parts of a nucleus when it's so small that you can't
even see it with
a microscope?"


Forces Inside Nucleus


1) Strong Nuclear Force

(A.K.A. 'strong force')


• Holds Nucleus Together - very strong, short range


• operates at distance < 10-13 m



Two H nuclei fuse into a single helium atom.
What is this nuclear reaction called?






Fusion - Uniting of small nuclei
 to form a larger nuclei




Our sun is large fusion 'bomb'.




A is for Atom

School Blocks YouTube? Use the file below.


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A) Binding Energy - amount of energy needed to separate nucleons (protons and neutrons) in nucleus.



Protons and neutrons in nucleus in large nuclei have slightly less mass than n and p in small nuclei



Mass of Assembled


Combined Mass of an
 Equivalent # of Nucleons.



Lost Mass
called Mass Defect



Mass Defect
Binding Energy

(mass lost is
converted to energy)



Ex) If the mass defect is .1 universal mass units then the binding energy = ....


(p. 1 Reference)


1 Universal Mass Unit

converts to


9.31 x 102 Mev

(p. 1 ref)



9.31 x 101 Mev









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