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B) Bohr Model of Atom

1:15 Bohr Model

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Early 1900's - Danish scientist Neils Bohr
discovers  the strange behavior of electrons.

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Electrons in atoms
are restricted in the energies they
can possess,
give off and absorb.


Bohr Animation




Hypothetical Element X

Excited Electron


Energy of 12 eV

Excited Electron


Energy of 4 eV

Ground State

 Energy of 1 eV




When electron falls back to ground state, what energies
 is it capable of giving off?






8 eV, 3 eV, 11 eV



(the difference between
each possible energy level)



1 eV = 1.6 x 10-19
p. 1 Reference



Each energy transition produces only one photon




Black Box



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