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Fill In The Blank Notes


Bohr's Conclusions


Think of an atom as a
 miniature solar system


3 orbits are permitted
for this atom

1. Permitted orbits of an electron in an atom are limited



2. Each orbit is a different energy



3. Inside orbits have lower energies than the outside ones



4. When electrons in an atom change energy states they absorb or release energy




Up energy level,

energy absorbed

Down energy level, 

energy  released
as light





Permitted Orbital Energies
for Hydrogen



Reference table







Each orbital is associated with a specific energy


Level #



n = 3

-1.51 eV


Excited State


n = 2

-3.40 eV


Excited State


n = 1

-13.6 eV

Ground State Lowest Energy Level




Electrons can only absorb or emit energy that is equal to the difference between the absolute value of 2 energy levels.






A single photon of energy is given off when electrons go down energy levels.







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