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Modern Physics - 20th Century


  • fundamental nature of light & electromagnetic radiation


  • origins & destiny of universe


  • parts of the atom


  • how energy is absorbed and emitted by electrons


  • gravity



I. Dual Nature of Light - Light appears to exhibit 2 characteristics:



Wave or Particle????


A. Review - 19th Century

Experiments Supporting Wave Theory



"What wave behavior

is displayed below?"


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1) Interference - "Double Slit Exp." - constructive/ destructive





2) Polarization - "Filtering of Light - Light waves have orientations



"Actually a picket fence couldn't polarize light.







"The slits in a picket fence are too large to polarize light"






"Which  wave behavior is shown below?"

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 3) Diffraction - Spreading out of Light behind a barrier





4) Doppler - Color Shift of Light - "Blue to, Red Away"







Photoelectric Effect




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