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Fill In The Blank Notes





Why were electrons limited
in the energies they can possess?





Electron Standing Waves

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1. An electron is a standing wave. (A bound wave)




5 wavelengths









4 wavelengths










3 wavelengths







2 wavelengths







2. Circular standing waves can only be a whole number of wavelengths



Electron Wave/Bohr

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education



3. Limited wavelengths mean limited possible energies



Possible Electron Circumferences 



= 2∏r = nλ




where n = 1,2,3,4 etc






Wavelength - describes probability of finding an electron at particular position.




Electron is a wave circled in on itself

This standing wave has four cycles







The angular (circular) momentum of
an electron is limited ...



...because a circular electron wave must be a whole number of wavelengths



Then C = 2(∏)r = nλ



where n = 1,2,3,4 etc



And λ = h/p = h/mv



Then … 2()r = nh/mv






Angular Momentum


 mvr  = n[h/2∏]






Angular momentum (mvr)
is restricted to
whole number multiples
 of h/2∏








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